Results WTA Abruzzo 2022


With extreemly pleasure we are announcing the result of the 1st edition of the Wine Tasting Awards Abruzzo 2022.

I state that the points have been given using the strict method of the Point Evaluation System and all the wines have been tasted blind per category and grape variety and the best of those are re-tasted again to confirm the final result

All the Medals available are listed and explained below the full ranking

Wine name
Score Medal
Best in Show by Category
Best in Abruzzo
Other Awards
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Medals lexicon:

Score medal: There are 4 score medals. Bronze starting from 65 points to 74, Silver from 75 to 84 pts, Gold from 85 to 94 and Platinum from 95 to 100

Best in show by Category / Variety: The medal of best of category and variety are multiple, such as Best Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Best Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Best Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Best Pecorino, Best Cococciola, Best Malvasia, Best Passerina, Best Montonico and Best Sparkling


Best in Abruzzo: Best in Abruzzo is the wine that win the competition per quality. The wine that takes the highest score

Best in show by Area: being Colline Teramane the main DOCG of the region and quite few participants coming from this area, we also give a medal for the best of this appellation

Best Winery in show: The best winery in show is calculated with an average of the points taken throughout the wines of the single estate

Best label: The best label is the only medal given without taking in consideration the quality of the wine but only judging the packaging