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All the wines will be tasted blind with the Point Evaluation System. The PES is a innovative method of scoring that mix the subjective point of view with the objective quality level.

The PES is such as technical scoring system that it can result on the score "harsh but right" and it takes into cosideration the followings characteristics:

  • COMPLEXITY: the complexity is how many flavours the wine has, detected by the nose and the palate. If the wine has up to 4 flavours it means that the wine is simple, 4 to 8 has medium complexity and above 8 flavours the wine start to be very complex

  • LENGTH: The length is the time that the wine flavours stick on your palate. If it last less than 4 seconds we say it is Short, from 4 to 8 seconds we say it is medium length and above 8 we say it is long

  • INTENSITY: The intensity of flavour can be the same between nose and palate but not always. Anyhow in order to get a great score the intensity on both, nose and palate needs to be pronounced

  • PEAK of QUALITY: The wine that reached the peak is the one aged and in perfect balance between the primary, if there are secondary and tertiary aromas.

  • BALANCE: Within the structure of the wine all needs to be on place. Flavours of oak, tannins, alcohol, acidity, maturation of fruits and if there are sugars should not overwhlem to each others

Moreover, if the peak of quality is not reached we will take into consideration the:

  • POTENTIAL: This is an estimated valuation of the wine for the future, when the peak will be reached

  • PEAK REACH: This is an estimated year where the wine will be on the peak of quality

Method of Judging