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Mystery wine box


Do you want wines at home, delivered to your door and you don't want to get bothered to choose them from the shelves? Do you want to get into new wines and you don't know what to choose? Do you want a mix case of wine expertly chosen for you?


The Mystery Wine Boxes are boxes of 6 mixed wines highly selected for QUALITY and NOT FOR THE PRICE!

they are:

  1. "Good" Mystery Box: is ideal for whoever wants a wine above the average quality of supermarkets

  2. "Very Good" Mystery Box: is a box of very good wines that are often found in restaurants

  3. "Outstanding" Mystery Box: 6 wines of outstanding quality that are not found in any supermarket or average wine shops but only on specialised wine stores and fine dining restaurants

  4. "High Outstanding" Mystery Box: this is the the top you can get at the most affordable price! Here you will have only wines that are sold in star michelin restaurants

Choose the quality better suit your palate and I will ship it to you for FREE!!!

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