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SKU: 7299P1250T17

A case of 6 French wines coming from 4 different regions


This includes 1 sparkling, 3 white and 2 reds from 4 different producers. An Example of the box would be with:


Domaine Fournillon Cremant de Bourgogne (Burgundy)

Agathe Bursin Riesling Distelberg (Alsace)

Domaine Fournillon Chablis (Burgundy)

Domaine Emile Balland Sancerre le Balbuzard (Loire valley)

Domaine Fournillon Bourgogne Epeneuil (Burgundy)

Chateau Beau-Site Haut Vignoble St. Estephe (Bordeaux)



Estimated Price Comparison:


Shop Price value: £155.00 + Shipping

Restaurant Price Value: £295.00 + 12.5% Service Charge

Fine Restaurant Price Value: £440.00 + 15% Service Charge


After your purchase you will be invited for a FREE chat via Zoom where I can describe the wines I have picked for you!

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