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Wine Tasting Awards Abruzzo 2022_edited_edited.png

Who can partecipate

The Wine Tasting awards is a wine competition that is looking for the exclusivity and for this reason is very selective.

In brief there are 3 important restrictions:

  1. The winery must not be distributed in UK

  2. The wines must be completely made in the region, from where the grapes comes from, to where the wine is produced and bottled.
    To help micro producers we allow entry to wines that buy grapes, and / or produce wine and bottle for third parties. All this is valid if everything is done strictly in the region and in micro and small production (<100,000 bottles)

  3. The wines must be made exclusively by indigenous grape variety of the region

to know more about which specific grape variety allowed and the location where the event will take place please click below the region you are from:

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