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The Wine Doctorate School


Welcome All,

I'm building the 1st ever Wine Doctorate School, the only wine video course developed by 

an experienced sommelier

It is focussed on restaurant clientele, bespoken for managers and entrepreneurs that wants to know more about wine.

The WDS, is not an entry level class, but it's an indepth School that speaks in an informal style enabling you to

Learn quickly & choose wine easily in any part of the world whenever you are 

The whole program will be approximately 40 hours enabling you to:

  1. Be aware of where the best wines of this planet comes from

  2. Easily choose the right bottle of wine in the restaurant/wine shop

  3. Taste correctly any wine and be able to discover faults

  4. Appreciate the aromas and flavours of any wine being able to describe it and pair it with food

You will be able to do all that without being embarrassed in front of the sommelier next time you visit a restaurant, or in front of your guests at your home

The Wine Doctorate School however, it is still in development so it is a great opportunity for you now,

to have split classes which are focussed on single countries

Each course contains easy to understand videos focussed only on the best regions of the country you have chosen, which you can watch at anytime of the day, managing your own path. 

It's an efficient wine course developed during my 16 years of hospitality experience!

Check the all the Testimonials and feel free to click on their picture to see who they really are

  • French Class

    Have lessons focussed on the best regions of France
    • Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire, Rhone & Champagne
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