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Wine Tasting Awards Abruzzo 2022




The WTA (Wine Tasting Awards) was created in United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing instability changes of the trade deal between UK and EU due the BREXIT to give more visibility to Abruzzo's wines creating the opportunity of a place on the shelves of wine shops or on the wine list of restaurants suitable for their market

The WTA is the ideal competition for micro, small and medium sized wineries that are not exported in the UK and it differs to the other wine challenges for:

  1.  Method of Judging: With a very technical judging method, the PES or Point Evaluation System

  2.  Traceability: Behind the WTA there is me, Antonio Palmarini. I am the founder, organiser,
    chair judge, who will put you in contact with the importer and the point of contact between you the UK market

  3.  Regionality: The WTA accept entries from wineries that only have vineyards, produce and bottle their wine in the region work with indigenous grape varieties

  4.  Finalisation: The WTA will offer to the winner an export manager and marketing service connecting the winery with importers and distributors in London and UK

Wine Tasting Awards Abruzzo 2022.png



I would like to remind the 3 rules to enter the competition that are:

  1. The winery must not be distributed in UK

  2. The wines must be completely made in the region, from where the grapes comes from, to where the wine is produced and bottled.
    To help micro producers we allow entry to wines that buy grapes, and / or produce wine and bottle for third parties. All this is valid if everything is done strictly in the region and in micro and small production (<100,000 bottles)


  3. The wines must be made exclusively by indigenous grape variety of the region and those are listed here below:
    Black grapes allowed: Montepulciano
    White grapes allowed: Trebbiano, Pecorino, Montonico, Passerina, Malvasia and Cococciola also blended together


Euro 70.00 per la valutazione di 1 vino 
Euro 95.00 per la valutazione di 2 vini
Euro 125.00 per la valutazione di 4 vini 

Euro 150.00 per la valutazione di 6 vini 


We ask 2 samples each wines and they should be sent no later than the 15th of August 2021 at the following address:

Antonio Palmarini

Via Borgo Trinitá, 11

64020 Bellante, Teramo, ITALIA


The WTA Abruzzo Edition 2021 will be held

in the fantastic location of

Ristorante Chalet Punto G at Tortoreto Lido (TE) 

where will take place on the
7th, 8th and 9th September 2021


Now there is nothing missing but to participate!

Best Regards and May the Best Win


Antonio Palmarini

Palmavini Wine Doctor

Founder of Wine Tasting Awards

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