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WTA Importers Affiliate



The page is dedicated to all EU and UK importers interested in expandanding their wine portfolio with italian wines, looking for a valid support on choosing best wines according to their market

The Wine Tasting Awards is highly selective when it comes to accept the entries from wineries as we proudly offering to importers the opportunity to have a vast choice of only micro, small and medium sized producers that working with indigenous grape varieties and grow grapes, produce and bottle the wine in the region where the WTA Edition takes place

As we are selective with the wine producers, we are likewise selective with the importers in order to connect and build a group of winery owners and wine importer entrepeneurs that make business together with trust and legacy between the parties. 

At the moment we are looking for an importer per each country of the EU!



The WTA requiries from the importer:

  1. Understand fully how WTA works and the benefit it can give

  2. To be interested on niche italian wines selected region-by-region which are not necessary expensive

  3. To be based and operate in any EU countries (we select 1 importer per each country)

The WTA offers the importer:


  1. Flight to the Italian region where the WTA takes place (itinerary will be provided)

  2. 4-night stay in a 4-Star Hotel

  3. Wine buyer consultancy service providing you exclusive wines

  4. The opportunity to be part of the WTA Judging Panel

  5. Tasting wines from >20 wineries participating with >100 labels from a single region

  6. FREE-TIME over the beautiful italian beach side

  7. Visit the winery of your choice



Euro 500.00 deposit, redeemable on the purchase of wines

LOCATION: (for the WTA Abruzzo Edition)

The WTA Abruzzo Edition 2021 will be held

in the fantastic location of

Ristorante Chalet Punto G at Tortoreto Lido (TE) 

where will take place on the 7th and 8th September 2021


WTA Importer Affiliate Form

Thank you!

For any other questions, do not hesitate to Contact Me!

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